>From Pine Creek to Stateline…. what a difference.


Sarah and I stopped at the Pine Creek Lodge for what we thought was some good snow. I few hundred yards of skinning and we straight shot it back to the car!

A quick drive with the boots on took us to Stateline canyon, the trail to Mt. Oliver and much much better snow!

We hiked up the sub peak north of Oliver and wrapped around the south side for some nice east facing sunny pow before heading back up to the middle ridge and down a wonderful NW facing ridge. Skiing on the NW side was about 18″ deep and very stable. We were down at the bottom before we knew it, heading home to pick up the youngster from school.


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  1. >Oliver is such a great spot… glad you found it in good condition. I saw the forecast for the Pine Creek area and that is why I opted for Targhee Pass and soft tree snow!Great looking turns Sarah!

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