>not ski related

>Once ski season rolls around i switch gears from my personal blog page, The Indulgence, to adding content to East Idaho Off-Piste. I know my family and friends switch their viewing habits to keep up with the adventures Heather and I are having.

I just wanted to let those of you who view The Indulgence know that i have started to add content to that blog page again. Thanks.


-Dean Lords


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  1. >Me…done? Sheesh….heck no. We did go over the weekend again….the snow went from the very best ever…to some of the crappiest conditions in 3 days…. 😦 I am looking forward to summer though…got a bunch of trips planned. Lots of scrambling for us between now and October….plus one big backpack trip into the Winds…Tate and I need to make sure we summit Kili when the time comes, so lots o' training and weight loss for me…..

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