Breitenbach Beckons Again

>Mark and I heard the siren call of Breitenbach’s south face growing louder after seeing it from the top of Super Gully a month ago, then Eric and Dave’s post from two weeks ago and finally watching radar bands of snow wafting over it for several days.

Because of the return to winter-like conditions, we opted for a more leisurely 8AM arrival at the trailhead making the drive to the mouth of Pete Creek and the lower bushwacking much easier in the light of day.
We found skinable snow at about timberline and worked our way up steadily through 4-8 inches of soft spring powder

The south face is a dramatic triangle and we opted to head up to the west ridge of the triangle. In the flat light we had, it looked like a reasonable approach but it steepened and deepened but we commited and crested at about 11,400′. We rested and strapped on crampons and worked up to about 11,600′ where we found a good line to ski.

Flat light skiing drives me crazy but the snow was surprisingly soft with a firm base underneath and so we carved turns back down to the snowline.
Breitenbach’s impressive white south face sits in the left center of this photo. The “Super Gully” drops from Lost River Mt on the right center

4 responses to “Breitenbach Beckons Again

  1. >Mark and I figured that was your rig as we drove in and we saw you guys finishing the hike back to it as we were driving out. I hope your ski was a good one.Our snow was actually quite stable; it was "spring powder" so it was soft but had some moisture in it and the base was firm but not slick so they seemed to bond pretty well. The turns were quite sweet, until you hit a hidden, frozen chunk of something, like old avy debris, refrozen, small rollers and the occasional rock…but hey, that's spring skiing!

  2. >Nice work guys!Some Utah based friends of mine skied the north side of Leatherman on Saturday as well. It's cool to see the Lost River Range being explored. It is one of my favorite places and worthy of anyone finding adventure within.

  3. >I concur with Dean, It's great to see so much happening all over this end of the state. Good Job guys!

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