>The Lems Rule

>The peaks….they were awesome!

Sorry about the excessive amount of photos….but dang….it was so beautiful up there.

The landscape was big. Huge would be a better word I suppose. Lonesome. Yes, that describes it also.

The snow, once we found it, was like….hmmm, well it was like powdered sugar frosting. Tate described it like creamy peanut butter. Regardless of what it was, it put big smiles on our faces.




Sheep and Gilmore

Tate and the hounds....

It was about a 7 mile round trip hike, with lots of ups and downs. “you got to be $*#@% me” was heard more than once or twice. The area between Rocky Canyon and Meadow Canyon is “just messed up” according to Tate. Still, we had a blast!






Tate building the mandatory kicker…



Tate and Charlie


4 responses to “>The Lems Rule

  1. >Great photos JB! Where exactly did you go up and what line did you ride? I bet it was the nice line in photo #8 with the gnarly cliff band in the middle….

  2. >Rick…..this was just to the south a bit from Meadow Peak….topped out between Meadow and Rocky Canyons, with a 900 foot drop into Meadow Canyon between us and where we wanted to be.We had already gained and lost several hundred feet on the walk in, and just didn't have it in us to drop into the abyss and up the opposite side. Perhaps if we would have had more time/energy we might have gone for it. We sure wanted to! Said some bad words as we stood there gazing up into the couloir.We drove up there with no real destination in mind…. just spitballin' it and hoped for the best. It turned out just fine and Tate and I even called our mothers from up there to wish them a happy Mother's Day! Ooh!!

  3. >I'll second the Great Photos JB! Good for you guys! Two weeks ago, I looked at the approach to Diamond peak and was able to drive within about two miles of the road end (8,200+)There was a thin looking blanket of snow covering the drive down into pass creek and then up onto the lower slopes of the east side of the mtn. Did you guys happen to notice weather or not that snow was gone? Did you hit any real snow below 8,000'? I'm hoping to try and ski big D this week as an over-nighter and will camp on the ridge at about 9,400'. a short hike to camp means I can bring more,, stuff!.

  4. >Thanks Wes! As far as the approach into Diamond…I wish I could give you some useful information. We thought about driving up the road on the way home, but ran out of time. We couldn't really tell if there was any snow still blocking the road. It looked passable, but you know how that can be misleading…We are also contemplating boarding Diamond on Sunday, although just the lower half. Surely the road will be open by then! Might see you up there!

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