>Teton Crest Trail

>Dave, Matt, Mike and I had been planning a three day tour along the Teton Crest Trail for a few weeks, but the weather hadn’t been cooperating and we kept postponing. Finally this last weekend looked like we were going to catch a weather window. Unfortunately Mike couldn’t get time off work and had to bail. So on Friday Matt, Dave, and myself shuttled a car over to the Granite Canyon trailhead and then took off from the Phillips Canyon trailhead.

Our first day’s objective was to ski over Phillips Pass and drop down into the head of Moose Creek to spend the night. After a bit of map reading error, we finally found the correct canyon and made Phillips Pass in good time.

The ski down into Moose Meadows was pretty mellow, and then we started the slog up Moose Creek. This turned into the most difficult part of the trip. It was quite a bushwhack, and the stupid waterfall somebody put there didn’t help any.

We finally made camp, and Matt busted out the 3 cans of beer he’d hauled up. I knew we’d invited him for a reason.

The first night was cold, but we survived and next day started up towards Moose Creek Pass, where we entered Teton Park. Our original objective as to set up camp at Marion Lake, but a quick look at the map and we decided to ski down into the head of Granite Canyon, set up camp and then tour back up to Marion Lake without packs. Good plan, the packs were starting to get a bit heavy.

We set up camp near the patrol cabin at the head of Granite Creek. We found one unexpected luxury there, the lock on the cabin’s outhouse had been busted off. Nice!

We toured up to Marion Lake in the hopes of finding some good turns there, but we were a bit disappointed to discover that most of the snow was crusty and sunbaked. Even the north facing slopes hadn’t held much powder.

The ski out Granite Canyon was pretty mellow expect for a few very dicey side hills. There were a few spots where one slip would have led to a very long slide and a very uncomfortable swim. We were able to ski to within about a mile of the parking lot, then we had to load up the skis for the remaining hike out.


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  1. >Nice job guys! Looks and sounds like a fantastic trip! You are really making the most of the season and our wonderful region lately. Good for you!

  2. >I'm amazed by how much snow there still is over there. No surprise there wasn't a lot of powder but it Sounds like a great time!

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