>It’s Still Winter – if you want it to be!!!





Mr. Rock approves!!

Tate, Carly and I visited GT Saturday morning. Not a soul to be found at the base, one or two cars parked near the lodge, employee vehicles no doubt. We donned our gear and made our way up the cat track. Funny thing….the track is steeper than it looks during the winter. AND did you know there are call boxes along this track? I did not. Too far off the ground to be of use this time of year.

The fog made the mood somber, and soon the rain started. Then the snow. We waited for a while up near Middle Earth, and decided that we could stand there all day and get soaked for our effort. We strapped in and headed down.

I have to say, snowboarding is just fun…pure and simple. We had wet smiles on our faces as we made it to the lodge. Not the last smiles of the season, and perhaps this one and the next one (season) will run together!

One from the lodge…


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  1. >Coverage is around 90%…plenty of snow still. They have gone in and plowed the cat track…..I am assuming in order to have some bare ground for when summer season opens on the 26th. They need a track for the bikes. We want to head up again shortly…a sunny day preferably ….but those are in short supply.

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