>October Skiing At It’s Best

>The money shot…Dean and I on the summit of Peaked proudly sporting Mammut wear

Dean making sweet, soft turns
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It was coming down to the wire for me; October ’10 coming to a close and no ski in to complete my third trip around the calendar making turns locally.
Patience won out, Mother Nature cooperated and produced a timely dump of dense to light, sweet coverage snow and Dean and I scored a great, early-season set of runs on Peaked Peak!

8 responses to “>October Skiing At It’s Best

  1. >Green-eyed! You guys really get an early season over there. I watched the video of Dean 3 times and didn't hear one scrape. You guys will be tip top and on the game by Dec. I'm looking at the Teton Pass cam right now, that's a pretty good crop of die-hards. Good Stuff Turbo!

  2. >Nice Turbo! Great set of photos and text!The west side of Peaked is a sure bet for early season fun. With its low angle grassy meadows, its difficult to ski mach 10, hit a stump, log, or rock and break yourself or your gear! Turbo did graze a rock as we crossed from wind depostion along a ridge across a shallow windblow bit to reach better snow on the face proper. Basically scratched the wax off a little section his ski. I did the same down low and got just a little tiny nick on the tail section of mine. I've done worse damage skiing inbounds when the resort is open!The storm put down the fist 12" or so when temps were right about freezing, creating a nice dense and supportive base!

  3. >Hee Hee Hee!!! We are all a bunch of diehard enthusiasts, or as my wife says…idiots!Way to get after it! Getting it while the getting is good!

  4. >JB, most of the time I would completely agree with your wife…we are idiots. BUT this time out was stellar… great snow, dramatic but benign weather and we had it to ourselves…we did get it while it was good!

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