>Dog Daze at Targhee

>Today marked the return to action of last season’s most wounded warrior. This would be Kodi’s first day on the snow after severing his Achilles tendon in a ski accident last year. As we entered the parking lot at Targhee we were greeted by this sight.

There were more dogs then people, which, since I’m a dog person, was pretty cool. There was the biggest dog I’ve ever seen there, and Irish Wolfhound that was really friendly.

Anyway, I’ve been hearing glowing reports about conditions in the Tetons. I tend to take early season reports with a grain of salt, but after driving up in the rain, was glad to see lots of snow in the lower slopes. Coverage was really good and Kodi and I made quick work of the trip to the top of Fred’s. Weather conditions were really brutal and we didn’t spend much time there before heading down off the headwall. At least I think it was the headwall. It was pretty much a whiteout and I got really turned around, but eventually ended up on the Blackfoot run for the trip home. I only made one run due to deteriorating weather conditions, but it was a good day for Kodi to return to action.

I was very pleased with what I saw with the snowpack. The last two years have been some of the worst avalanche conditions I’ve ever seen, all caused by early season surface hoar forming around the end of October. But with today’s wet, heavy snow accumulation, I feel better about this season’s potential. Get after it!


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  1. >Waytogo Kodi! Several years ago while Turbo and I were skinning early season we were told there were absolutely no dogs allowed and we better stay off the main runs with ours. Hilarious!! I think that may have been the day Trigger was also injured in an encounter with a ski.The conditions are very encouraging this year… Thanks for the updates Eric.. Hopefully we'll get out again this year.

  2. >That's a lot of dogs! (said in the voice of Christopher Walken). Typical Targhee low clouds / fog. Me…I like the blue skies, but you can't always pick your day…. but, thinking about going again tomorrow!!

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