>I’ve Seen the Light!

>The Kelly Canyon area has been seeing some wonderful snowfall these last couple of weeks and more is predicted across this next weekend! Conditions now are probably better than early January last year!

I headed up with Mark and linked up with Dean and Rick for some laps and more beacon practice, but this time I brought my tele set-up; for “variety” I guess!
Now mind you, tele was my SKI choice for many years and offered me the versatility to handle the resort slopes and the backcountry.
I loved the feeling of that graceful carved turn when I had “all the cylinders firing”, along with the smug satisfaction of knowing I was comfortable with a difficult technique that not all appreciate or learn.
And over the years, my equipment got beefier and heavier and heavier and beefier…to the point that I started trying out Dynafit AT gear and began learning the “alpine”/parallel turn to lighten the load and not have soddened legs when I finally got to the “good stuff”.
And so it comes to this…I take out the tele gear today for nostalgic reasons; it’s been a while since I have skied that set-up or that technique…and… IT AIN’T LIKE RIDING A BIKE!
Arriving at the top of the first run, I was last in the skinning queue with soddened legs; usually I’m first with legs rearing to go..not an auspicious beginning!
That first run…I sucked; wobbily and mostly out of control the whole run! The second run I “improved” to mediocre but my legs were starting to feel leadened and my heels were starting to get “warm” from rubbing inside those heavy boots. By the third uphill, Dean was calling “Uncle” for me saying he couldn’t bear to watch such suffering as he sprinted up in his lightweight Dynafit boots and skis and Mark and Rick cast furtive glances back over their shoulders to make sure I was still moving!
On the third run, I began to feel like a tele skier again, linking smoother turns but the damage was done, the legs were tired and the heels were getting set to blister. And that old nostalgic feeling…was fading fast!
I will probably still get the tele gear out from time to time; when I’m riding the lift and the snow is perfect but I do believe….I AM AN AT SKIER NOW!!!!
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2 responses to “>I’ve Seen the Light!

  1. >Black Diamond says it's all about the down.Dynafit says… speed up.Telemark means… to fall down?Great write up, Turbo! It wasn't as bad as you made it sound. For the first time (ever) i got to skin up hill and have a conversation with you AND be the first one to the top of the hill! When was the last time that happened???? NEVER!Tele turns ARE graceful and as always you inspired me with your vast skill set. The only thing i noticed is it seemed you weren't having as much fun as you usually do. Key words "as much". Any day out it better than not. Great skiing with you today… thanks for letting me save your avalanche transciever.

  2. >How is it you boys make even your "bad" days sound like fun? Seems that I missed a once in a lifetime chance to beat you to the top of the hill… however I doubt you were as slow as you made it sound, but then again if Dean made it to the top first…hmmmmm

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