>silver dollar snowflakes


The day started with snowflakes the size of silver dollars and before long Turbo, Heather, Joe Crane, and I were skinning up Kelly’s in full Gore-Tex at sweat shop labor speed. We were delayed at the base by nearly 30 minutes and wanted to catch up with Steve Borher and his daughter Abby who where chasing after Mike Shaw and his son. As we crested the summit ridge, our companions where just starting down Rattlesnake on the right side of the Upper Bowl.

The wind was blowing a bit and thought the more sheltered Ernies Run would be a better choice. After cutting the first tracks down DEEP new snow on Ernies we skinned up Slithery Dee and back to the top of Lift 2 hoping to connect with our friends. No such luck, so we peeled the skins, skied the upper half of the Upper bowl and shot left toward the top of Bear. From part way down Bear, we jumped onto the Moose Face and down the Patrollers Chute before skinning up the west end track to our off piste favorites.

We continued to ski and skin while the snow piled up around us. By the end of our tour, we had skied Ernies, the Upper Bowl to Bear, to Patrollers Chute, Sabotage, Hollywood Hill, Meadow, and ended with the super classic Baugher Special! Not a single set of tracks except for our the entire day! Four sets of skis, seven runs, five of which were off piste, and zero base damage! Pretty unbelievable for 6,000ft elevation in mid November! I hope our fellow touring buddies had as good of a day as we did!
silver dollar snowflakes!

Heather bustin’ a move on the Patrollers Chute

Heather with the the Patrollers Chute in the background

Turbo headed for the trees of Sabotage

Turbo and a foggy west side of Moose drainage.

Turbo, Heather, and Joe C. enjoying good snow on Bear

Turbo in the thick of it on Sabotage

The bottom end of Hollywood Hill

Slow skiing on “The Meadow” to avoid those sneaky stumps!

Heather working the narrow enterance to the Baugher Special followed by Turbo chasing her into the goods below!

Kelly’s, while “lame” to many people, sure keeps me interested in coming back time and time again! Do you wonder why that is? Maybe these little vid’s shed some light on one of the many reasons why!

– Dean Lords


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  1. >To answer your last question…because it is soooo much fun, close to home, uncrowded and a beautiful location!It was a great day made more so by your companionship AND this much snow BEFORE Thanksgiving!

  2. >What Heather said, what an awesome day. You don't realize how big the hill is until you try to reunite two groups of skiers in a pounding snowstorm. We ended up going down Sage for our second run. Super deep and soft, wish it could've been another 1000 feet. I've skied much worse snow at Kelly's when it's been open. No snowboarders have shaved it all down to the base yet 🙂 We had to boogie after the second run anyway, but I still feel bad we never met back up. Next time…Oh, and Abby and I are Dynafit true believers. Believe it or not, she much prefers them and real skins to alpine trekkers and snake skins.

  3. >Love the videos!! How deep is it off-piste up there? Not much accumulation happening over this way and were still several inches away from base free battle scars, so thanks for posting!

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