>shelter from the storm


Wind and new snow… a lot of new snow closed area schools and filled in all of our tracks from our Saturday blitz.

Chad Jr joined me and Heather for an afternoon hunt for windless terrain. We quickly figured it out on our way up to the Patrollers Chute; the west side of Moose drainage is where we needed to be!

Heather doing battle with the wind just above Moose Face

Heather skiing great powder on Moose Face

Me and Chad Jr below the Patrollers Chute (which really isn’t a chute) getting ready to skin up the west end track

60cm (24″) at my measurement site at 6,400′.

Patrollers Chute

Me and Chad Jr on the Baugher Special

Heather starting down The Meadow

in The Meadow

Chad Jr tree skiing on Spare Rib

We watched the wind create some amazing ground blizzard effect on the Ski Hill as we watched and skied from the shelter of the west end. Needless to say, there is A LOT of snow being transported into starting zones. Higher elevations where more snow exists will be severely impacted with the intensity of wind. Be safe out there!

– Dean Lords


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  1. >should be interseting to see what tuesday's weather will actually bring after all the hype…but there will be more new snow for sure!Today you braved the wind, Wednesday we'll be braving the cooold!!!

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