>Deep Sheep Creek


I envisioned skiing Sheep Creek Peak in the Snake River Range after visiting it’s summit in late spring a few years ago. Dean had also spotted it’s skiing potential from his topo searching and a fall visit up the approach drainage. Today, with the early snowfalls and reasonable avalanche conditions, we decided to give it a GO!
Mark provided and ably piloted his snowmobile to shorten the approach but there was still an effort to be made breaking trail in that deep, soft snow. We gained the SW ridge at about 9450′ in flat light and a steady snowfall, never seeing the actual summit of Sheep Creek Peak.
We skied a west facing drainage of about 2200′ vertical right back to the sled and whooped and hollared every foot of it! Hard to complain when the powder is beating against your chest! This line could easily become a SE Idaho “cult classic”.

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  1. >"You could have another 3 skiers and make 10 more laps without crossing a single track!!!!" as said in the heat of the moment by chuteski. "THE MOTHER LOAD… THE MOTHER LOAD."Thanks for believing in my photographic memory of topo maps and for letting me lull you into my snare of hypnotic suggestion while in the obscurity of clouds that…"i'm 82% sure this is the bowl i wanted to check out; it's gonna blow your mind."

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