>traffic jam


As i suspected with the all of the new snow in the past 12 to 24 hours, the Big Hole’s were PACKED with powder hungry backcountry types. It all started with the parking lot issues… where to park the car? It’s pretty hard when there are so many piled up… snow flakes! Luckily we managed to sneak in between two other die-hards out today; the southern bank of W. Pine Creek and a poorly parked rock wall.
Steve Bohrer layin’ down tracks in the Girls Camp Bowl

Paul Fairbourn spooning the other ski “track” in the Big Holes.

nice crown fracture, eh!

With the Big Holes being so over run with a car and three skiers, maybe we should have gone to Teton Pass today?

-Dean Lords

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  1. >With it SOOOO overcrowded in the Big Holes, I'm going to move my adventures over to the Lemhis….LOL!So, it didn't warm up too much…this storm came in quite warm and wet…looks like an "upside down" snow column at the moment, let's be careful next couple of days!

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