>Girls’ Camp Bowl


Even though I’ve known Dean for a while, I’ve climbed with him, and I’ve read his blogs forever, I’d never skied with him until today. And what a great day it was. Backcountry skiing couldn’t get much better – we drove on dry roads 99% of the way to the trailhead, backed the car into a snowdrift that was easy to get out of, and skied our own little slice of heaven till we had to leave.

The snowpack was about 70 cm near the ridge and nice and stable. We stayed above the rocks for the most part, but pretty amazing for the first of December. Although the snow was fairly heavy down by the lodge, it got nice and fluffy up where the goods are.

On a personal note, Paul and I would just like to thank Dean for sharing his exploration with the backcountry ski community here. It’s great to have options other than fighting crowds at Teton Pass.



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  1. >It's great having our own little stashes and unheralded "gems" isn't it Steve? And we have lines every bit as good as the "big dogs" do in the pass area!Great to see your post!

  2. >Great post, Steve! Thanks for draggin' me up there. It was obvious in the first two steps that my legs were still nuked from the big day on Wednesday with Turbo and Chuteski! The GCB area is pretty short, but it's always a great stronghold for low elevation soft snow and when you don't have a lot of time. Let's do it again soon!

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