>"January Thaw" at Girls Camp

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Rick and I overcame Sunday morning inertia and headed to the Girls Camp off Pine Creek.
The forecast was for warm and it was; it even smelled like a spring morning as we left the car and skinned up! By the time we were half up, we had sweat dripping in our eyes.
We dug 2 pits on the way, one at 6800′, NE facing, 32 deg. slope and 90cm depth and another beside Dean’s from Friday at 7000′, N facing, 38 deg. and 70cm.
Neither had prominent layers but were warming and both sheared at the ground as a solid slab, the first at 17, the second at 15 taps.
Trees were dropping their snow loads all around starting small sluffs with pinwheels. We also were remembering that these were similar to conditions that led up to last years slides on these same slopes.
We felt that the slopes were relatively stable at the moment but the rapid warming was destablizing them; and if they broke, it looked to be all the way to the ground.
We opted to ski conservatively; one at a time staying away from convexities on the slope and had no unwanted incidents. The video shows the snow reactions. Notice the debris covered surface from tree snow sluffs.



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  1. >Nice! Looks like we got lucky on Friday and had nice snow. Cool to see how quickly things change at low elevation, both stabilty and snow quality. Thanks for the report. Looks like we'll just have to ski one of my new ideas in the Lem's on Wednesday so we can get some altitude and colder snow????

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