>Skijoring in the Canyon


Anna and I spent some time skijoring in Teton Canyon today. This marked Kodi’s return to the sport after his injury last year, and he’s recovered nicely. He’s probably not as strong as last year, but I’ll bet he improves as the season progresses. But the big news is Kodi has a new adopted sister. We got Kira a few weeks ago and are starting to teach her the sport. She is a strong puller and very enthusiastic. As she learns more about the sport she and Kodi should make a really good team.

Anna and Kodi getting after it at the start. It looks likes he’s really pulling hard, but he seemed a bit off today. It just goes to show that dogs aren’t robots, they have good and bad days just like we do.

Kira took to the sport like a natural, but she’s still got some learning to do. Two dogs gives you twice the tangles.


Here Kira and Kodi are starting to look like a team. This is going to be fun winter.

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  1. >That sure does look like fun but I bet there are times of exasperation when they try to head in different directions!Sure glad to hear that you found the AWOL Kira!

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