>Alpine Touring Hill


Another morning and afternoon of admin work for Mammut before Heather saved me from myself. We were out the door by 3pm and headed for nearby Kelly Mtn of course!

Today we pushed beyond the normal Baugher Special jump off point and continued to the now open to winter recreation zone of AT Hill. The high winds stung our faces as we peeled off the skins and after a nice slope cut on a soft wind slab we were soon blasting down untracked soft snow!

It was really good snow and since we were practicing our “ski running” on the way out to AT Hill, we had enough light to sprint back to the top and make another lap! Both of us commenting about the best coverage we’ve ever seen at AT Hill… and it’s still December!

Don’t let the baggy gangsta pants fool you, Heather is a master ski runner trapped in an 18 yr old freerider body!
-Dean Lords

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  1. >Is AT Hill the place that the BLM was considering for closure due to winter foraging habitat for mule deer? If so, i'm glad its open.

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