>Happy Winds-day on Kelly Mountain

>So far Abby’s BC forays have been pretty mellow. After today, she may be questioning this whole “earn your turns” philosophy. So, if you’re reading this Abby, let me assure you that it gets easier and funner with practice. You’ll learn how to weight your heels so you don’t slide on the steep skin track. You’ll figure out the free-heel kick turn. Your transitions will get easier and faster. You’ll enjoy the variety of heavy, light, and variable snow. We all have gone through this process, it’s just part of the game.

After a couple runs, we retreated to the ease of the lifts. But staying true to the spirit of the day, we avoided the groomers and skied all the off-piste we could find. And you know, we found some mighty fine snow out there away from the crowds.

Big thanks to Dean and Heather for introducing us to AT Hill and the Baugher Special. Wow, what fun snow so close to home and such easy access.

Is Heather converting to Tele?

She’s OK, she was laughing while I took the picture.



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  1. >Abby, Heather and I would ski with you anytime! Thanks for spending the day with us. Yout too, Steve!Love the pix of Heather and the video is priceless! The news reported 50+ mph winds in Idaho Falls this afternoon, i'm sure we had that and more! Let's do it again soon.

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