>Cold? Really?

>A relative term. How cold is cold? It is hard to explain why some can endure (put up with) cold and others can’t, or perhaps more accurately, won’t.

“Are you crazy!!!???!!!” I hear that quite frequently, from my wife, co-workers and others. They look at me like I might have escaped from a mental health facility when I tell stories of winter camping. “Why would you do that?” they question. “I would NEVER do that, not in a million years”.

Really? Not in a million years? Well….that’s too bad. There is something about enduring cold and discomfort. It builds character for one, at least that is what I hear 😉 . Acquiring skills that few people possess to name two. Getting to see things that few ever do. When was the last time they witnessed the beauty from some mountaintop at 3am with the thermometer at -15f? They never have. They never will, and that is kind of sad, to me at least.

I am not sure why I find this stuff so appealing. To be sure, not a lot of fun is involved but rather the opportunity to see the un-seen. The little secrets that one may witness when in these unusual self-imposed situations.

Most important, or right up there near the top was the untouched, light as air powder. One run, nothing extreme or dangerous….. but it was all mine! Light and fluffy boys, light and fluffy….

New Year View! Check out Orion rising in the east!


Igloo View

New Year's Igloo

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8 responses to “>Cold? Really?

  1. >Yeah, somebody said that, can't remember who though… might have been my wife. I think she told everyone she knows that I am "around the bend"…..

  2. >Man, I wanna stay there…do you take reservations?…whats the going rate for igloo rentals?…I will make sure to wash all linens when I'm finished and remake the beds..even restock the beer cooler!Is this above Pine Creek Pass?

  3. >You are surely welcome to use it, though it has shrunk to 75% of it's original size. Wasn't very large to begin with. ;-)Yes, Pine Creek Pass!My sleeping pads and bags are still up there in anticipation of building another, much larger igloo or igloos. This one has been rained on and the insulation factor has been greatly reduced. They are kind of fun to build, and one of these days we should get everyone together and make a trip up to construct a super igloo.They come with built in beer coolers btw!!

  4. >Really Great Photo. the insulation factor must have been adequate If you still have all your toes, It's COLD out there!

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