>The Mangy Moose


Commin’ in hot!

Kelly Canyon experienced somewhat of a weather anomaly today as up to 10 inches of low density snow fell on the resort all day. The handful of folks on the hill lucked out with some of the lightest density snow I’ve ever experienced… AMAZING!

Typical with my patrol shifts, i spent the entire day tracking up the off piste terrain of Moose Face with two of my fellow patrollers

Tim Schwartz

Brad Parker

I only had my camera phone with me today, sorry for the low quality images. Click on them for better results!

– Dean Lords

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  1. >Moose Face…so much better a name than Steeper'n Heck. Or am I generalizing where I shouldn't?Moose Face = Area?Steeper'n Heck = Run somewhere on Moose Face? ??Anyone going up today?

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