>From CO with love…


While you guys are shreddin’ the east Idaho Powder, i’m working the Ouray Ice Festival. Things could be worse than being in a familiar place crowned with mixed climbing gems left and right, but i’d rather be home hanging out with all of you!
Keepin’ it real at the Ouray Ice Festival in Colorado.
-Dean Lords

4 responses to “>From CO with love…

  1. >Whole different "vibe" in CO, eh Dean? People feel free to reach out and touch your ears…I love the expression of the guy standing to your left…I think he is a little uptight, probably not from CO!!!!

  2. >Actually, that is such a cool shot. A moment in time that you don't see everyday. I made it my desktop background and smile every time I see it.The guy to Dean's left, his expression = priceless! Caption what you think his thoughts were at that moment.

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