>Frozen fingers on Teton Pass


On Sunday, Dave, Matt, Jason, and I braved the cold and headed up to do a few laps on Teton Pass. For our first lap, we opted to boot up Glory and hung out for a while in the second hand smoke in the shelter on top. It was sunny, but cold and windy. It didn’t take very long for our fingers to freeze up as we geared up for the ski down. We took a run called First Turns down, and it frankly wasn’t the best. There was about 3-4 inches of fresh on hard, sun baked crust. But it was only the warm up run, and after our our fingers stared working again in the warmth of the parking lot we put on the skins and headed south. We made quick work of the skin to the top of Edelweiss and hung out there long enough to get nearly hypothermic.

We then headed down to the bottom of Columbia Bowl and yo-yo’ed there a few runs. It was some of the best skiing I have so far this year. It was a bit tracked up, but there were still a few clean lines and we lapped until we were half dead.

The ski out Mail Cabin Creek was cold, but relatively easy and we make good time back to the road. Matt caught an easy ride back to the top to get the car and then it was on to Victor from some beer and snacks.

Jason and Matt at the Glory Shelter.

Matt and I headed up to the top of Columbia.

Dave showing good style on Columbia

Matt and Dave throwing down some old style Figure 8s.

More Figure 8s.

Jason working the skin track.


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  1. >Hard to have a bad day on the Pass, even on a frigid day. I can actually see how cold it was in those photos.

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