>Igloo Party

>Just going to throw this out there for the community to mull over. Any interest in an Igloo Build / Camp / Ski and board weekend?

I know how to build these things / own an Icebox…so here is/are the question(s).

Interest? When? Where? How?

I thought it would be cool to – find a place, build some Igloos, camp overnight in them, get up and ski / board the next day….

When you say? I am easy, but the later in the season the better, short days long nights make for, yes, a long night.

Where? I would really like to do this up in the Lems somewhere, but again, I am easy. You tell me where a good place would be…

How? The building is easy, the getting all the crap associated with overnight camping, well that is the hard part….close to the road, or someone with snow machines to portage said crap.

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6 responses to “>Igloo Party

  1. >I am very interested as well. Trying to organize something like this by consensus or committee is tough but certainly not insurmountable.I'll get the suggestions started by putting out Stouts Mt area; it's got some road side parking for a group and the ski/'bile trip in is fairly short. It has avy concerns, so it would need careful consideration before a group hit it.We might also look at an area near the Charcoal Kilns in the Lemhis. Has rig parking by the highway and roads to run 'biles in to a "base camp" area. It has a variety of aspects to hopefully maximize the "good" snow.Just a couple of thoughts to get the process rolling.

  2. >Eric, sounds about right, longer days, shorter nights. ;-)Scott, yes, logistical nightmare. One thing we should consider (if enough interest is generated) is to build these igloos in advance. That would ensure a less hectic rush on trip day(s). These igloos will stand for weeks, or even a couple of months under the right conditions. The one we built over the Christmas weekend is still standing.So you can see a week (or more)in advance is not too soon to build them, if that is something we want to do. Also I have 4 (four) 4" closed cell full size sleeping pads that I can share also. But I want at least 1 for me!! šŸ˜‰ And my Big Pillow!I am easy, I can go just about anytime, so if there is anymore interest (and I hope there is) throw out some dates and let us see if we get one that works for everyone….Love to do this in the Lems…..

  3. >I would like to be counted in if I can work out the kid thing. I would be also willing to go in on a wednesday and build the igloo then ski a bit in prep for the overnight. Hopefully I can schedule it around the little ones.

  4. >It sounds like a party… I too would be interested if I can swing the time off. I am glad to use my 'bile for the gear portage…

  5. >It may be better to try this in March, when I am not so busy up to KC on top of my regular job. Put in 20 hours up there this weekend, not including 5 hours of snowboarding. So….March? Longer days at least, and that can't be a bad thing. I have in my mind a couple of bluebird days or at least warmer temps than we have been having at the moment. Saturday night at the hill temps were at 9. Now I can take the cold, but I don't go looking for it…I will leave it up to the experts, to comment if that (to wait) is a good idea. Will that make conditions more or less sketchy? I am sure it depends many factors, that will play out in the next month or so.I would prefer to go up on one weekend and build igloos. Then go up to camp and play the following weekend. These igloos can be quite large, but I still think we need two and perhaps three of them at a minimum….that will be an all day job. Fun though, and the more people – the faster they go up.So…throw up some dates!!I will start with March 12 to build, and the 12 & 13 to play…What think ye?

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