>It’s not exactly off-piste skiing, but it’s still fun in the snow


Anna and I adopted a new husky named Kira last month. The people who run the husky rescue, Gail and Buc, are dog sledders and have several huskies of their own. They gave us a chance to try our hand at dog sledding in Tautphaus Park last Sunday. We hitched their two dogs, Belle and Iska on lead and our two dogs, Kira and Kodi, on wheel. Then it was off to the races. When the dogs are fresh, there isn’t much you can do but hang on.

Buc starting out with fresh dogs. Not much control here. Just don’t let go!

Buc rushing past a skier who wisely got out of the way.

Me starting out. Still lots of fresh dog power here.

The dogs are settling into a good pace. At this point you have a bit more control, but not much.

Anna and the dogs mugging for the camera. From left to right is Kodi, Kira, Iska, and Belle.

This is a very fun sport and a great way to exercise the dogs. Kira had never been in a harness until last month, but is a natural at the sport. Kodi’s been skijoring as a single dog for years, and isn’t really used to pulling with a team. He’s extremely strong when he’s on his game, but he seems to tire more quickly and gets out of pace with the other dogs. I can see how difficult it must be for the top mushers to find dogs that pull well together. I hope we get to do more of it this winter, but I’m not ready to get a sled and more dogs, yet…


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  1. >That is awesome!!! …always wanted to do that, but yeah more dogs? I already have 3, and none of them are anything close to being a sled dog…. ;-(

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