within an hour’s drive…

… from my house there are many life times worth of adventure to be had. Today, we had the distinct privilege to show my boss at Mammut around some of our own private Idaho he has only seen in photos the last few years.

Mike, an east coast native and a ripper of a skier, and I spent a few days after the Outdoor Retailer Show visiting a few retail accounts in central and eastern Idaho. As a bonus, we also skied… A LOT!
me and Mikey on the Lionhead Ridge above Targhee Pass

left to right:
me, Ricardo, Chuteski, Turbo and Mike having a quick lunch break after lap two

Heather skiing the best snow of the day on our last (4th) run of the day!

Yes, that snow is pounding her in the chest!

Mikey in mid float on his super fat tele-boards

the perfect sign for the perfect experience

the effects of powder shots to the face during our final blitz to the car parked at the top of Targhee Pass!http://www.youtube.com/get_player
a little fog skiing off the top of the Lionhead Ridge!

Heather, Mike and I met up with Chuteski, Turbo, and Ricardo at the top of Targhee Pass in search of soft untracked snow… which as you can see, was easy to find! As always, the divide delivered up the goods, lap after lap, after lap!
Thanks for a great day everyone!
-Dean Lords

5 responses to “within an hour’s drive…

  1. >nary a track…UNTIL WE GOT DONE WITH IT!!!being in the fog and skiing that soft snow must be pretty close to how skiing a cloud would feel…

  2. >Looks like a great time. I'm pretty jealous about the conditions over on that side of the state. Gotta get there soon!

  3. >Dean- Really glad you stopped by for a visit. It was great to finally meet you in person, and meet Mike as well! Sorry conditions weren't better for you guys, but we toured yesterday and had some great steep north pow runs. Come back again!Cheers, Marc

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