>Gettin’ Sunny Snow on Stouts


Rick’s been jonesin’ to get to the summit of Stouts Mt, having been denied on a few occasions, so with avy conditions low throughout the area, today seemed like the day to give it a go.
It worked! Stable, soft snow on a sunny day, with a pre-layed skin track and we were on top in almost no time.
Now Rick will have to pick something else to jones for!!!

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5 responses to “>Gettin’ Sunny Snow on Stouts

  1. >Looks like the Teton Valley crew has skied up all of the easily accessable terrain on Teton Pass. Now they are tracking up Stouts! I heard the up track was a highway!!!Looks like you boys had a fun day!

  2. >Nice! How far up the canyon did you guys go before heading up? We went up Saturday (post to come) and started up fairly low. Looks like we should've headed for the open bowls, that looks awesome.

  3. >Ya, it kinda looked like a small army had been on the north side BUT still only a fraction of the lines seen off of Teton Pass by 9:30AM on any given morning! And for the grunt factor on Stout's north approaches, I'll ride someone else's skin track anyday!Steve, there are several ways up… this time we followed the skin track that turned up Gopher Canyon, which is the main drainage under the north side.

  4. >I just love it when 60% chance of snow with 1-3 inches forecast means bluebird skies all day! Stouts has a beautiful summit worthy of jonesin' about! Great snow with many features to have fun with. Thanks for going Turbo, even after a long ski day yesterday for you!! Time for a new target to look for.

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