>Sunny exploration on Stouts

>On Saturday, Paul F., Layne P. and I spent the day poking around on the east side of the Stouts ridge. We decided that place needs some names (or maybe it does and we don’t know them). I mean you have the actual summit of Stouts, but the south ridge is so long and there are so many sub-ridges peeling off in both directions. Anyway, here’s a Google Earth view facing due south of the route we took (red up, blue down).

We followed a skintrack superhighway up the canyon to the first exit below the big rock. We followed that ridge, sweating in the hot sun, up to the first saddle at about 7500 feet. We debated dropping in there where another large party had left tracks, but we continued up the ridge to check out that terrain. I’m sure there’s some good stuff there, but we decided to drop back to the saddle. We found plenty of boot-top to knee deep powder over a crust that would surprise us occasionally. We also found plenty of brush, but that’s the price of staying on the shady north-facing aspects. One of these days we’ll get there before the sun bakes those slopes…

We skinned back up the ridge leading to the saddle until we ran out of time and energy. By the time we headed back down, the southerly aspects had softened up and we were kicking ourselves a bit for staying in the trees. But it was a fun day of checking out a new place. Despite the obvious heavy traffic, we never saw another human (only a moose) and the endless bluebird views were spectacular.

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  1. >I'm glad you had a great day exploring the "majesty" that is Stouts'. It has a variety of terrain, fine vistas and plenty of room for everybody!

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