>The Original "Earn Your Turns"


OK, this post is only peripherally about skiing. Last night I took a group of Scouts camping at the mouth of Fleming Canyon. We set up tents in a little grove of aspens, cooked a nice dinner, and I laid in my sleeping bag wishing they would just shut up.

I woke up hoping the forecast would play out and there’d be several new inches of snow covering the rock hard suncrusts. No luck. While the Scouts rode their sleds and packed up camp, I got in a few short runs. Just before leaving I climbed ridge to ski the obvious open face visible west of the parking area. Surprise Surprise, there was some sweet soft snow up there – about 10 turns worth.

There was also a bunch of breakable crust that had me in survival mode as seen in the following photo which is so lame I had to post it:
Of course, most of us probably began earning our turns as kids on a sledding hill. In the spirit of the pure joy that is throwing yourself uncontrolled down a slippery slope….



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  1. >Good for you Steve! Teaching the youngsters things other than video games! I was fortunate enough to be an active scout leader for about 11 years. Many winter camping nights..

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