>a bit more from the "Mother Lode"

>A few more pic’s from our adventure on Sheep Creek Peak Wednesday.

Fortunately a Subaru with exploring skiers came along and saved the day for the stuck BMW. Thanks Dan for the “Power”. To repay the kind folks who helped us out of the trench I offered them a tow to the trailhead. I hope they didn’t find any frostbite the next day! Towing 5 people up the Sheep Creek road was a successful test in ‘bile access skiing.
No great ski vid’s but a little bit of info on the current conditions in the snowpack. We were all surprised at the reactivity in our first test pit.
I’m sure this is going to be one of “The Favorites” for ski spots in SEI. Nice job Turbo!!

Turbo and Mark with Sheep Peak in the background.

5 in tow!!

View from the ridge.