>A Blond, A Brunette and Three Baldys


Ok, here is a video filling in the visual details of today’s ski of Mt. Baldy by Heather, Dean, Morris and myself.
We approached by way of the direct south ridge to the summit for a long grunt of close to 3.5 miles and 4500′ of elevation gain.
The top was compacted wind scour with some interesting rime features but we quickly dropped into soft, deep powder on the south rim of the prominent west gully and floated on down that for almost 2000′.
We dropped over towards the gully to see what it offered but it is deep and steep sided, a major terrain trap! We stayed out of it as long as possible and only dropped in at the very bottom.
We encountered the obligatory brush-thrash, which is pretty much a requirement for our adventures, for about a half mile but eventually discovered an ATV trail that we followed on out.
We contoured over the fields for about 1.5 miles to return to the car, with most of that being a downhill glide.
It was a taxing day but there were smiles all around as we headed for Swan Valley and the chocolate milk recovery drink!

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8 responses to “>A Blond, A Brunette and Three Baldys

  1. >Turbo! This is by far the best video you've done, IMHO. You managed to capture the emotional and visual experience that is skiing off piste in East Idaho! No need for cliff hucking, couloir skiing, or head deep pow to show the very soul of our amazing mountains. well done good sir.

  2. >Sweet! That looks like a fantastic day in the mountains. And I second Dean's approval of the video – great job. And nice music, it brought my son in from the other room to see what I was watching.

  3. >Great video and nice job on Baldy! That's been on my tick list for a while. I've hiked that south ridge in the summer and I remember it being quite the grunt. I've never been sure of the winter route. Where did you park?

  4. >Thanks for the kind comments…sunshine, great snow, a fantastic setting and good companions made it all come together!!Eric, we parked in a "subdivision" on an extention of Chapel Rd (turning at the Chapel of the Valley) east of Swan Valley

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