>Lookin’ Good On Black


Mark gave Dean and I a “lift” up Fleming Canyon to shorten our approach to Black Mt, west of Pine Creek, in the Big Hole Range. It’s 5 miles back in, “as the crow flies” and we ain’t crows, so we were thankful for the ride from Mark!
Still, there was lots of skinnin’ left to do as we worked west along the ridge that separates Fleming Canyon from West Pine Creek. We negotiated wind slabs, overhanging cornices, cornice crevasses, alpine ice 2, and 50 mph winds to reach the summit!
From the 8700′ summit, we dropped along two ribs that send down the east face of Black Mt and settled us into a sub drainage of West Pine creek 2000′ lower.
We opted to make an epic of it and skied out West Pine Creek, past the Girl’s Camp to the highway.
It was scenic but long and our feet groaned from the slog down. We had plenty of accommodating snow bridges to aid in the multiple creek crossings and we were pleasantly surprised that we didn’t have to do any brush-thrashing!
We hoped that a karmic-deprived soul would pick us up on the highway and deliver us to our car at the mouth of Fleming, but being that we appeared unsavory, we were destined to walk the entire way back!
Removing ski boots at the car never felt SO GOOD!
Dean and I are pleasantly fatigued after skinning and skiing two of our “Bucket List” objectives in the span of four days: first Baldy and now Black

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6 responses to “>Lookin’ Good On Black

  1. >My legs are tired…Another great vid, Turbo! Thanks for another grand adventure in our nearby mountains.The east face of Black has always inspired me. Glad we could get it done AND during low avalanche concerns; that zone would be very dangerous in poor conditions.Can't wait for the next one!

  2. >Right on…it was a grand adventure! And for sure, that line demands respect for avalanche consequences; glad we could grab it while the "white dragon" was sleeping!

  3. >Wow, nice work. Don't you guys have jobs? We skied a line south of Relay Ridge a couple weeks ago; the rest of those steep chutes are waiting for us when this new wind slab bonds up. Give a shout when you feel like coming to Horseshoe.

  4. >We're bums Lynne, we admit it! It really helps that we have hardworking wives that don't mind our Wednesday outings! I guess they figure tired husbands are good husbands!Do tell more about the Relay Ridge skiing!

  5. >Nice video Turbo! Two Thumbs Up Guys! Too bad that didn't work for a ride back to the rig. It may take a while before you can teach em up over there.

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