>A struggle?


Paul F., Layne P., and I were planning on visiting the West Pine Creek area on Saturday. But when we heard of the fairly massive avalanche that occurred on Friday, we changed our plans to introduce Layne to the wild side of Kelly Mountain.
We first did a run down AT hill. The snow conditions were variable and challenging depending on exactly where you were on the ridge. Lots of super hard wind pack, some hard drifts buried under a veneer of soft snow to surprise you. But also some decent skiing further to the skier’s right. Layne even jumped off the boulder at the bottom.

We skinned back up the rock-hard ridge and headed back to the Moose drainage to hit an untracked line we’d seen from the lift. As we were getting ready to drop in we were talking about the FBI arresting a Middle-Eastern guy who was planning to blow up GW Bush’s ranch. As I skied toward the edge I let out a “Yee Haw!” Paul thought I said “Jihad!” Wikipedia says Jihad translates to “struggle”. The skiing was anything but a struggle – steep and deep. The struggle comes at the bottom with some involved ski-schwacking. But it was worth doing a second time.

We saw Turbo later that day and he said that shot didn’t have a name. Well, maybe not officially, but after laughing and joking about it for the rest of the day, it will always be “Jihad” to us.


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  1. >You boys put down some nice tracks on Jihad! I saw them Saturday afternoon. Was that a ski cut across the top of your line, it looked like one?!?! Hope so, pefect wind depostion right there!Heather and I can see your tracks on AT Hill from our kitchen window!

  2. >Yep, that's a pretty obviously wind loaded spot right there at the top. Had a few rollers chasing Paul down there but no slabs or anything.That's funny you can see the tracks. I said "I think I can see Dean's house from here."

  3. >This is the run I thought to be the Baugher Special when I first tried to find the illustrious BS. It is a fun, initially steep line and then a thrarsh and bash out to Moose!I like the name you have given it and I now will refer to it as "Jihad"….Allahu Akbar!!

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