>Milkin’ Mike Spencer Pk Powder

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We had originally planned to seek out new slopes north of Gilmore in the Lemhi Range but a snow cloud parked itself over the Big Holes all day Tuesday. Let’s think…old snow or new, deep powder…hmmmmm!
Matt and Mark graciously listened to my idea of heading to the soft stuff and we reorganized to head to Mike Spencer Canyon and the peak that splits it in two at it’s east end.
We could tell it was going to be super as we towed in and the ‘bile trench was a foot and a half deep! The deep skinning up confirmed our choice: powder hound heaven!
We did two laps; the video will tell the rest of the story*
*Viewer discretion is advised. Contains graphic scenes of grown men enjoying it soft and deep,
as well as gratuitous scenes of Mark headplanting while trying numerous 360s!!!!



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  1. >Nice vid Turbo. Go Marcus!! Very impressive 360's! What a great looking day boys! Good to see you out again Matthew….

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