>Grand Tour on Teton Pass


With Spring rearing its ugly head and bringing warm temps and strong sun, Layne P., Paul F., and I decided to go for the higher elevation on Teton Pass. It turned out to be, without doubt, my best day of skiing of the year. Paul and I with the traditional summit cocoa toast.

We got an early start and left a car at the Coal Creek trailhead (where there was only one other car) and drove to the top of the pass (where there were only 3 cars). Hmm, perhaps the locals know something about the conditions that we don’t. Well, as expected, any slope with a remotely easterly, southerly, or westerly exposure had been baked to varying degrees of hardness. But the northerly slopes, ahhh!

Layne wondering where all the Teton Pass crowds are.

Paul on Upper Columbia.

We headed south and skied superb snow on the open edges of Thanksgiving and Columbia Bowls. But we found the best snow on the north-facing treed slopes around Columbia. Nicely spaced trees, steep slopes, and soft and deep snow. The buried fallen trees provided great jumping action with pillow-soft landings.
Super, super fun time. And by getting away from the road we only saw 4 other skiers all day.
Now I just need to pray harder for more winter than nearly everyone else I know is praying for Spring.



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