Small Slope Avalanche


I thought this would be a good one to post even though it was sled related. There are a lot of things that stand out to me in this video that reinforce thoughts i have about terrain:
  • It doesn’t have to be a known avalanche path to have an avalanche
  • Small slopes shouldn’t be considered innocent
  • Tracks on a slope do not mean it’s safe
  • You need A LOT of trees and vegetation to act as anchors. Just by looking at that slope, how many of you where surprised?
  • You don’t need a cornice on the leeward side of a ridge to indicate a deposition zone
  • Partners watching from a safe zone and one person the slope at a time – GOLD STAR for vigilance in safe travel habits!
  • Helmets for skiing (snowmobiling) are pretty cool – especially when caught in an avalanche
  • Terrain similar to this exists on the western rim of Moose at Kelly Canyon

I hope you all can glean something positive from this video as well. Its a great visual aid in reality!

~Dean Lords