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Dean –

I’m wondering if you can help us out here at the Sawtooth NF Avalanche Center by posting a link on your blog to our user survey. I know we’re in *Central* Idaho, not *East* Idaho – but I’m guessing some of your readers use our advisory from time to time.

The survey is sponsored by the Friends of the SNFAC. We’re hoping to learn more about our users and what they think about our products. So it’s their chance to give us some ideas – or an earful. People can access the survey from a link on the daily advisory or on our homepage:


Or they can go directly to the survey:


All answers are anonymous; we’re not tracking computer addresses.


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~Dean says:
I took this survey and you should to. There are a few questions that might be hard for us living on the eastern side of the state to answer as they are specific to areas forecasted by the SNFAC, but there is a lot of good information they can gather from this survey from anyone who skis in the backcountry and reads an area forecast.