>A Lost River Range Update


I did a quick drive by Lost River Range recon this morning before the next storm rolls in hiding the peaks from inquiring minds. Heather and I were headed to the Super Gully this weekend but after the monumental snow accumulations in the central and southern part of the Range on Monday and Tuesday, i suspected avalanche conditions may be a bit too elevated for us. This combined with another large storm lasting through the weekend.
Although the Super Gully was void of avalanche debris as of 12:30pm this afternoon, it was easy to note with binoculars massive loose snow avalanches on most aspects of the range. Slab avalanches were numerous with many propagating hundreds of yards across, over terrain features, and into completely separate avalanche paths. Needless to say the LRR was VERY active with avalanches today!
Lost River Peak 3.24.10
Lost River Peak 3.23.11

Ridge top winds on 11,308′
Those connoisseurs of technical mixed climbing in the Lost River Range will recognize the southwest face of 11,308′, home of the ephemeral mixed climb called The White Line Couloir. The lookers left bowl below the summit has a large crown fracture visible in the photo. Click on the image for an up close view. If you know where to look, you can see the bottom section of TWLC which should be in fantastic shape in a few weeks!

Mt. Borah

It’s going to be a good ski season for the LRR!

~Dean Lords

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  1. >Thanks for the recon work Dean. It looks like a goodly amount of snow to work with this year after it settles down!

  2. >Yup, looks like an ideal setup for tall and steep this spring. Beyond the Super Gully, anyone have plans for skiing the LRR this season?

  3. >Yeah Wes, Heather and i have a few projects in the LRR.There is a nice west facing line on 11,308' that i've been interested in for years. Also the south couloir from the summit of Sacajawea is on my list. Oh, and the south face of Mt. Idaho.I think those are the ones i'd like to try for this year, along with some north facing stuff in the Lemhi's. What's on your tick list? You gotta hook us up with some photos or vid of what your skiing from this last storm. Its gotta be good!

  4. >I know the line you're talking about on Sac, looks like fun for sure. Steep and narrow! you could knock out Idaho at the same time. I've been pretty negligent with the video camera this year but I'll put something together. The new snow out here has glued it's self pretty nicely with the old stuff but as you saw, it was pretty unstable at higher elevations. I've got a few things on my list in the LRR, the south face of Invisible (highly visible from hwy 93) has a nice wide chute that begs to be skied!

  5. >Topos show a long, nice looking line on the N side of 11,308. Several, in fact. Anyone know how the travel is going up Cedar Creek?

  6. >Blase -The main line from the summit of 11,308 is what we've dubbed the Femme Fatale Couloir. Big line nice line. I've seen the whole thing rip out before, running full track, leaving an ungodly amount of snow in Cedar Crk. Travel in Cedar Crk is good if you stay out of the gut and travel along the north side of the canyon. Up the descent couloir for the White Line on the SSW face is quick and easy to reach the summit. Then you have options of ski aspects and would only have to travel through Cedar Crk once if you drop down the North or east side.The nw ridge is also a cool ridge walk that is bigger than it appears. A fun winter excursion.

  7. >Femme fatale, can't pass that one up, eh? And we have our eyes on Devil's Bedstead too, even tho it's not LRR.

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