>Limestone Landing on Flyboy. 4-4-11

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Evidently some skill and know-how is needed for shooting video on the go, for starters; a wide-angle lens and a modicum of skiing ability will take one far beyond the illustration below.
For me, ski crashes usually have some degree of caveman-comedic value akin to fart jokes or campaign promises and this one made us laugh long and loud.

Apologies for the excessive beeping noise on the video but apparently I cuss a lot when I’m in pain. In fact, I edited out at least two minutes of caterwauling and Navy talk while I searched the brush for my #$*!^%* camera.


4 responses to “>Limestone Landing on Flyboy. 4-4-11

  1. >I'm glad you were able to regain your sense of humor after that nasty looking spill!! The arm is one thing but …OH NO, NOT THE COAT and hopefully, the skis are unhurt!!BTW, how many stitches?

  2. >Ha! Susan procured about 50 bucks worth of Dermabond and Steristrips from the hospital and glued it all back together. The coat and skis however….

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