>Teton Canyon Blood Trail


So it seems like I haven’t been getting out much lately. I’ve been playing host to a microbial colony that’s enjoying an extended spring break in my upper respiratory tract. That’s been greatly limiting my time spent in the fresh air.
But this morning, it appeared the colony was going to sleep in following the raucous party they had in my lungs last night. So I figured I’d better get out and enjoy the day. Plus, I awoke to two pairs of husky eyes staring me in the face, wondering what adventures I had in store for them.
So we loaded up the skis and headed east looking for some groomed trails. I checked out the Alta nordic tracks, which looked to be in pretty good shape. In fact, it had been freshly groomed this morning. Dogs are allowed on that trail, but I don’t like to run them on freshly groomed trails, especially when it’s soft. They can rip up a trail, so I figured I leave the pristine trail to the skate skiers and headed up to Teton Canyon.
Grooming has ended for the season in Teton Canyon, so the trail is in rough shape. But there had been a couple of snow machines that had run up the trail, so it was good enough for an easy tour. The snow stake in the canyon showed 60″ of snow, so that road won’t be open to cars anytime soon.
I was still feeling a bit rough, but the dogs were in fine form, so I just sat back and let them do the hard work. As bad as I was feeling, we soon discovered signs that something in the canyon was having a worse day. There was a blood trail on the road that ran for at least 1/2 a mile. Something, probably a deer, was having a bad time of it. Clumps of fur where everywhere. Something with claws and teeth probably has a full belly tonight.
The only and only action shot. Shooting pictures when being dragged down a rough trail by two dogs is a bit of a trick.
Kira on a well deserved rest break.

Kodi enjoying the day.

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