>Flyboy montage. A windy season

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After a relatively calm winter last year, Flyboy saw a return to normal this season. High winds and a worrisome snowpack joined forces in a scheme to make us better skiers or maim us for trying.


10 responses to “>Flyboy montage. A windy season

  1. >I love the sagebrush lined runs, the wind drifts and the rock slalom courses…he man skiing for sure!!! Great video Wes!

  2. >Drive 22 miles SW of Arco, it's right between Arco and Carey on highway 20/26-93. If you miss the corner at mile marker 226, you'll crash into it.

  3. >Hang that JB, Flyboy is pretty far gone now, unless you want to hike beyond. The LRR is shaping up pretty nicely tho!

  4. >Hmmm….. well that sucks. I only can use the Escort for long distances (the Durango makes that loud sucking sound, ya know), making it hard to get near anything in the LRR. Any suggestions?

  5. >The stuff just beyond Fly is still pretty loaded with snow but it faces NE so you may get a mixed bag. There are some unassuming cornices on the ridge that need checking before you drop in to any of those guts, or hike to any of the south east facing hills beyond. At any rate, park at mile marker 226 and roll from there.

  6. >Nice video Wes. Looks like a great spot. Thanks for the info too. There is something special about the LRR. I can't wait to get over this spring.

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