>Springtime on Breitenbach


So this is getting to sound like a broken record, but once again we had to postpone our traditional springtime tour in the Tetons. This year it was because avalanche conditions were expected to spike with the rain and warm weather. Turned out the predictions were right.
But as a plan B, we heard a rumor that some friends were headed into the Lost Rivers. With a promise of fresh baked brownies, we were able to bribe our way into an invitation.
So on Friday morning, Kevin, Julie, Dave, Julian, Farley, Nugget, and myself drove to the base of Pete Creek and began the hike up Breitenbach. In a break from most of my springtime missions to the LRs, the weather was cold, 14F at the trailhead. It was also quickly apparent there was much more snow than usual, and this promised an enjoyable ski out Pete Creek.
We were able to skin to about 11,000′ before switching over to booting. In another pleasant break from the usual LR routine, crampons were not needed. We made quick work of the boot track, with Farley kicking 98% of the steps, Kevin about 1.5%, and the rest of us combing for the remaining. The day remained cold, which was nice. Most spring days here are a desperate race against the sun, but not today.
We stopped at the first false summit. There is still a lot of snow up there, and the route to the true summit was looking dicey. Plus we were tired and wanted to ski, so we clicked into the boards and started down. The snow on the east side of the face was the money route for the day, and it was epic. Best snow I’ve ever skied in the LRs. The ski down to Pete Creek was a blast, and as a bonus, sking out the creek to the bottom was a really fun. Much more enjoyable than the usual boot over deadfall.

Early morning boot up Pete Creek. We didn’t boot very far and were able to start skinning very low down.

Looking back at Mackey Reservoir.

Kevin and Julian enjoying lunch on the false summit.

The ridge line to the true summit.

Dave on great snow on the south face.

Farley on the south face.

Nugget enjoying the goods on the way down.

Julie all smiles at the bottom of the south face.

Enjoying the luge run out Pete Creek.

All in all it was one of the best days I’ve ever had in the Lost Rivers. With a doubt it’s the best snow I’ve ever skied there. Let’s hope it last for a few more missions.

5 responses to “>Springtime on Breitenbach

  1. >Great to read your report and to hear of the conditions over there. I'm excited to go check it out for myself!

  2. >Nice work guys! Sounds almost effortless. Did you climb straight up the face from the gut? Also, did you run into the crust layer or was it soft all the way?

  3. >Wes, we were able to boot straight up the face. The crust was there, and we were breaking through a bit booting up. But it was supportable on the ride down, and the couple inches of fresh made for some really nice turns.

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