>Invisible Line

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On Saturday I decided to run up Mahogany Gulch and take a look at a line I see every day on my way home to Moore. The Invisible Line runs from just below the summit of Invisible Mountain and angles slightly lookers left down the South face. (click to see route)

The snow in the canyon was set like concrete but as soon as I got to the sun covered face it turned pretty mushy and started sticking to my skins I applied a generous coat of Glop Stopper but you’d have thought I’d greased up with rubber cement, this product has been a lifesaver in the past but for some reason it only compounded the problem here.
I lashed my skis to my pack and started booting. The going was pretty un-fun , with a snowpack consisting of a layer of corn/mush over breakable crust, over about 10 inches of blown-in weirdness. I lost a bucket of sweat on that face and was sorely tempted to traverse out to the ridge where I knew the snow would be set hard, I didn’t want any surprises when I dropped in to ski however and continued on. The LRR is Highly changeable, Eric and crew climbed the same aspect the day before, 10 miles as the crow flies up range and had pretty nice climbing/skiing.

Minimal bushwhacking and great rock formations make the hike from the gulch all the way to the top immensely interesting. This gate near the top of the line is just more of the same. The upper 200 yards of the line drop at a 40 degree angle and then ease up to about 30 till the apron where it turns to a very mellow 20.

I was tempted to stop short of the summit and just ski the line but it was only a hop away and easy skinning . Big mistake, I hit two base shredders just below the top that will devour a stick of P-tex like a truck driver mows thru a Slim-Jim.

From the summit looking up range, we’ll be skiing a long season!


10 responses to “>Invisible Line

  1. >For sale; Used three times! pair of 186cm Drifts w/ Fritschi Freeride Pro XL bindings. Slight base damage 😉 They're fun in powder and light as air but not enough ski for me! I'll tune em up, make em shine and let them go at a measly $400

  2. >Wow and WOW! That shot of the ski, awesome. That is the sort of hardship that make's memorable memories!…and oh, I wish I could ski, base damage is my middle name…. 😉

  3. >Very nice line! I feel your pain with the base ding. I had to base-weld a 1×4 inch beauty at the end of season last year!Are you sure you used Glob-Stopper and not Slob-Glopper? Looks like Ben Nevis rime on that ski!

  4. >Wes, help me out with my geography…Invisible Peak sits above Bear Creek Lake doesn't it? I've backpacked to the lake several times over the years but I come in from the Pass Creek Rd side.There is hardly anything worse than snow build-up on the skins when you're already working hard!!Great looking area!

  5. >Good information on a less traveled area. Beautiful pix! Thanks for sharing Wes. FYI for any prospective buyer I ski the Drift and really like them.

  6. >I wouldn't toss that board out the window JB, That looks like a pretty good time to me. The Slob Glopper issue was a mystery to me, the snow wasn't really sticking to my poles or boots but it definitely got worse with the wax. Funny, it didn't taste like peanut butter. Turbo, You're in the right ballpark, Invisible is about two air miles south of Bear Ck Lake but much easier to access from Highway 93. I was able to ski to within 250 yards of the truck. In the right conditions this would be an easy big mountain trip. Ricardo, No bites on the Drift's, I forgot to mention that deal comes with a new pair of ascension skins. It's pretty late in the year to try and sell a BC rig so I may give it a go next fall.

  7. >Very cool photos and great beta on a line I'll like to check out.Don't feel too bad about the base damage. We all took a few shots on Breitenbach, too.

  8. >Glad you got that line, Wes! Bummer about the skis. It's a good shape but mighty soft for a charger like yourself! I've still got my 186 Justice skis up for grabs. $250 with skins… no bindings. Might have to wait till this fall to unload them, although i'm not trying very hard.

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