>Two days of of Sun and Snow!!

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Saturday and Sunday the sun came out. YAY!!

The View

I got burned, even though I slathered the sunscreen on, maybe it is old and lost it’s effectiveness….. just call me Mr.Tomato Head….

Pine Creek Pass

The photo below shows where my New Year’s Igloo is, or I should say was. I left a sleeping bag and my camp chair in it, thinking that I would retrieve them in a week or two. The wind has deposited huge amounts of snow, so much so that I am unsure as to where it is exactly. I can pinpoint it to withing 20 feet or so, but have refrained from digging, as I could do that all day and still not find it. I don’t doubt that the structure is intact, and my goods are just fine.

I plan on visiting this area for the next several weekends, as the snow is wonderful, easy to access, and looks to stay for a while still.

This is the backside of Baldy, rugged and remote.

Some serious cornice formations from all the very windy days we have been having….. this shot is the ridge-line of Stouts.

and then the view…..


….the snowboarding was pretty dang nice also…..


6 responses to “>Two days of of Sun and Snow!!

  1. >I have been wowed the last several weeks by the size of the cornices on most of the ridges in the Big Holes. They are impressive in size, overhang and length.I was wondering what happened to your igloo…I rememeber earlier in the season you were gathering interest in a March sojourn there…now I see what happened!!

  2. >Turbo, oh yeah, my "Icebox" is also buried under 10 to 15 feet of snow. I have learned a lesson… never leave camping $#!+ in an igloo, no matter the length of time!! 😉 Mine has been there for almost 4 MONTHS!!

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