Community Input Please!

Hello EIOP community!

I am looking for feedback and ideas to help with the growth of this site. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment or contact me directly at

Here are a few thoughts and questions:

  • Do you like the new layout?
  • What important information and/or external links are missing?
  • Would you like to see any weather forecast links on the site?
  • Would you like to see more posts dedicated to snowpack stability observations?
  • What about an “author bio” page that offers a short bio/description of each contributing author?
  • Would you like to see our local outdoor retail shops post information about sales and/or upcoming events?

These are just a few thoughts I’ve been kicking around. Your input is important, so let me know what you think EIOP could do to improve!



2 responses to “Community Input Please!

  1. More funnies from Heather!

    New layout is pretty easy to read – sometimes some confusing overlay w/the background.

    Like the low-key community feel – stories, experiences, etc.

    Author bios would be fun – esp if the authors didn’t get to write them!

  2. While the “mountain” background is quite stunning, it distracts from the overall readability of your website. But you got yourself one interesting website so I can overlook the background I guess

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