nominated for the best actress of the year!

As some of you may have noticed I have traded in my baggy, bright green ski pants for a more respectable  high performance  pair of black pants. I am also sporting a sleek spring jacket which makes me ski like a pro. These changes have been part of the deals I am making with the current sponsors I am working with. The new cars and the second home I have been offered are part of these deals too, but that has nothing to do with skiing.  You may be wondering what sponsors, what is Heather talking about?

For some time now I have been working with a documentary film crew to tell my story. The story of a girl, a teacher from small town Ririe, ID who beat the odds. Who  learned to conquer  the technical  and challenging slopes of Kelly Canyon and then went on to find fame and fortune as the first female fourth grade teacher with the first name of Heather from Ririe Elementary to explore remote and forsaken snow covered peaks! 

And so with this big announcement out in the open now… I’d like to thank anyone and everyone I’ve ever shared a chairlift with or had the pleasure of peeling skins off with in the backcountry. The making of this  film would not have been possible without each and every one of YOU!

I hope you enjoy the trailer to my action/adventure/romance/ Sci-Fi/drama/ musical  that will be in all theatres worldwide and in 107 different languages. See you all at the premier!

On a serious note I really do to need to thank Dean and Scott for that incredible journey.  I am constantly amazed at what I am able to accomplish with the patience and encouragement of an incredible husband and our close group of friends. THANKS BOYS!!

~Heather Lords


3 responses to “nominated for the best actress of the year!

  1. Go Heather!! As always, you are my hero. Inspiring me (by example and patient belaying) to climb harder with more conviction and now doing the same thing on the steep slopes! You ski like you’ve done it all your life! A true natural.


  2. haha – Loved it! I look forward to be riding some slopes and climbing some rocks again. Good job conquering hero!

  3. Saw a movie in the theater tonight. This one beat it hands down. Can’t wait for the sequel.

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