The Ultimate Ski Workout

Well, since the only skiing I’ve done so far this year has been pretty uninteresting, I’ve been trying to get in shape for when opportunity presents itself. Of course, there are lots of workouts and exercises out there with all kinds of claims. You’ve got your classic wall sit, your walking lunges, your Lindsey Vonn-standing-on-swiss-ball, etc. I’ve used them all, but I can tell you that I’ve discovered what I believe is the ultimate in pre-season conditioning. All it requires is a trampoline and a 3 year old.

Step 1, hold the 3 year old’s hands. This will keep you in a nice athletic stance.

Step 2, jump at a 3 year old cadence, keeping your feet together and hopping from side to side. Do not straighten your legs which would make this exercise much easier. Make sure to absorb all your bounce so as not to launch the 3 year old.

Step 3, repeat until the 3 year old gets tired.

Yep, it sounds easy. My quads say otherwise.


One response to “The Ultimate Ski Workout

  1. I can tell you’re going to leave us gasping by the third lap of Stouts Mt after that kind of conditioning!!

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