terrain check

I thought this was a great reminder to not let terrain changes go unnoticed or high stoke inhibit vigilance in red light conditions. It’s not always mid and upper elevations to be worried about; especially for those of us who tour in the Big Holes where a lot of terrain is lower elevation.

This is a really good year to learn about snowpack structure and buried instabilities. Learn all you can and be safe out there!


I also thought this photo was a great visual on the effectiveness of what many people may consider plenty of trees as anchors. How would you like to take a ride through this mess… YIKES. (photo from Sawtooh NF Avalanche Center)


2 responses to “terrain check

  1. You hate to be too critical of someone willing to share this video, but you can just count the mistakes they make. Good it worked out for them, and a great reminder to not take anything for granted with this snow pack.

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