Lemhi 10 Grand

Headed toward the Hahn ghost town on the Spring Mountain Road.  Big Windy Peak strait ahead in the background and Trail Peak on the left. 10 Grand is what i call the sub summit along the ridge north and east of Trail Peak

It was an interesting day in the central Lemhis. Most interesting was the complete lack of wind for a good portion of the day! We timed it just right, reaching the summit just as the wind picked up and the snow began to fall.

Although we had good coverage on easterly aspects, the snowpack is extremely weak. We experienced a significant amount of collapsing and long shooting cracks at all elevations. We cautiously tiptoed upward seeking lower angle terrain and dense trees, avoiding any sort of wind deposited snow as best we could. Luckily for us, we found favorable terrain for the up and the down on the East Face offering  a 2,000′ shot of enjoyable terrain in a beautiful alpine setting!

Turbo should have a nice film following this blog post!

On the summit of 10 Grand. The north face of Trail Peak behind us. Turbo, Rick, Heather and I skied a line on the north face of Trail Peak a few years ago… obviously with more snow though!

~ Dean


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  1. It was a real pleasure sharing the exploration of a new area with you! It definitely warrants more looks!

    Be patient with me on the video of this adventure…I’ve got a couple of busy days ahead but it’ll get done.

  2. Nice marshmallow coat heather! I see that you have added avalungs to your wardrobe. Good choice!

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