10-4 Good Buddy

Another Lemhi adventure with Ricardo, Turbo and Heather. This time we set our sights on 10,424′ in Long Canyon.

 Heather scrambling up the Northeast Ridge of 10,424′. The craggy north face of 9,880′ across the bowl

The weather was cold with a numbing breeze from time to time. Unable to reach our first objective for the day, we opted for plan B and skied the southeast face of 10,424′ and into a nice couloir. Snow conditions were pretty good, with a few inches of new light density snow over top of older soft snow. We carefully leapfrogged down the face and into the couloir while managing sluffs and skillfully employing the best safe zones.

Heather in the couloir below the Southeast Face of 10,424′

It was really exciting to get another line of interest done in the Lemhis. I know we are all looking forward to going back!

– Dean