Big Hole Solo Surfing

I needed to burn off some energy this afternoon. I’ve been bogged down mentally with my current work load and the stress has been making me a bit cranky. After a morning of emails and phone calls i met Heather during her lunch time recess duty at school. The grade school kids picked on us “lovers” while we ate lunch along with the occasional snowball accidentally flying from hands only to be returned by the opposition!

With a full belly and less stress, i headed up to Kelly Canyon for some exercise. As i loaded the chair, the lifty, a known terrain park hipster commented to his buddy about my Rando tight pants and fat Dynafit Stoke skis… something to the effect of… “that guy is nothing but bones”. I can imagine my skinny legs and fat skis looked pretty silly!

From the top of lift 2 i dropped west down Moose Face and connected with an up-track Turbo and I use to access some favorite stashes in the western Big Holes. I didn’t really have a plan, other than i wanted to do some laps…

7 laps and 3,200′ of human-powered vertical later, i returned to the lodge at Kelly Canyon after just 2.5 hours. I enjoyed moving quickly (for me anyway). Every lap was soft and surfy with all of the new snow. An occasional Soft slab lurked in isolated terrain features and leeward start zones yet were easy to identify and manage.


As i parked my skis out front of the patrol building a fellow patroller commented on how many tracks we had laid down over there… to which i replied… “there was just one skier.”

~ Dean Lords


6 responses to “Big Hole Solo Surfing

  1. Hi Dean,

    We have never met but I have been enjoying your blog site for at least a year now. I am an intermediate to slightly above intermediate skier now in my third winter of back-country attempts. It is imperative that you know how valuable and appreciated your videos and information is to those of us who may not have all the time to get out like you and Heather and Turbo and Ricardo do. Please know that you have fans here in eastern Idaho that enjoy their back-country time more thanks to your guidance and information. And if we cannot get out, well there are all the magnificent videos on your site. I hope you and your friends always make it out safe. I lift a glass of cold chocolate milk in honor of you and your great blog site.

    Many Thanks,

    Brock Haley

  2. Dean you made it look easy……must have been those tight pants!! Its amazing how therapeutic getting outside in the beautiful white covered surroundings can be to a person. It would be nice to start every day like that!!!

  3. Brock –
    Thanks for the very kind comments. Glad to know you have found some value in EIOP. We always love to hear that others are enjoying our efforts!

    In its creation, EIOP was a place for family and close friends to follow our adventures. We soon learned the blog page was providing inspiration for others as well. Our efforts to include and unite our community through education and inspiration has been mutually benificial as we have made new friends over the years.

    Hopefully our paths will cross sometime and we can carve some tracks in the snow together!

    Best Regards

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